“I enjoyed the overall environment of the course. I really enjoyed the presentations and quality of the materials as well as the case studies. The ICPS gave us a very interesting course.”

“It’s very rich, brings real added value and a new vision of the water sector.”

“Gives a global perspective enabling an assessment of status of our health system in a relative way compared to other systems. A good course for executive management level.”

“It is very comprehensive and intensive.”

“Very good international perspective. Will help with WHO consultancies, working on policy and strategy at regional, national, and international level.”

“The course was very engaging and the presenters were very tolerant to pass the message. The course will surely improve my assessment of client’s desire in my consultancy services.”

“We are very enjoyed to learn something about leadership and management with very experienced facilitator…it was very useful for me.”

“High calibre presenters, high level ambiance, deep discussions. It gave me the global perspective of the energy issues. It also equipped me as well with strategy building methods. I would recommend it to my bosses and policy makers in my country as it provides a global prospective for issues concerning KSA.”

“It is educative and relevant to my day to day job activities. It has further clarified my duties and emphasized other areas of importance. I will recommend it because it will assist in deepening knowledge of the job.”

“Presentations from other regulators, discussing wider concepts of regulation, released conversational nature of discussion. Informative and enjoyable.”